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It only takes a few days away for the House Blend mailbag to overflow. Here are some items folks are talking about…

* One of my fellow finalists in the Weblog Awards for Best LGBT Blog, The Malcontent, emailed me and asked me to contribute New Year’s resolutions, so I obliged, along with quite a few other bloggers you may know…

* Yellow Dog Blog is featuring The 2005 Senate Weasel of The Year Award winner. Bob:

I know this won’t get much attention, as we’re not big on criticizing other Democrats in public these days but, in my mind, any “Democrat” who votes with Bush and the GOP on 41 of 50 critical Senate votes, deserves some attention from us… I have selected the 50 roll call votes that I believe truly required Democrats to stand with their party and, while you could argue the relative importance of one vote or another, I believe the list sums it up pretty well. You can go here to see, based on our own liberal criteria, what this year’s significant, bellwether votes have been.

…Who was the biggest Democratic turncoat in the Senate this year? If you jump to conclusions and assume that literally playing kissy-face with George W. Bush all year, makes the race begin and end with Joe Lieberman (DINO-CT), you would be very wrong. While I was shocked at the results myself, Lieberman amassed only seven weasel-worthy votes all year for a reach-across-the-aisle rating of only 14 percent.

Check out who the lucky chap was that received the “award” lololol.

* David passed on a link to our friend Peter LaBarbera’s Illinois Family Institute where Peter publishes a review of Brokeback Mountain. David’s take:

Check out the latest homoerotic hilarity from our straight friend Peter LaBarbera at the Illinois Family Institute (link below). Pete claims his “good friend” John in Virginia sent him this excerpt from a review of Brokeback Mountain by David Kupelian at, who’s hawking a book with the inviting title, “The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom” (I promise to read it right after I finish Anna Karenina).

Our intrepid gay-male researcher, Pete, manages to extract the hottest passages of the article and he even includes a lovely color poster of the movie that, no doubt, matches the one he keeps under his bed next to the copies of GQ and Men’s Fitness. Notice the article’s frequent references to “raping the Marlboro Man” (pant, pant) and the breathless depiction of violent anal sex in the last paragraph. I’ll bet Pete had to do a few extra push ups and drive into the city for a quickie “research session” after writing this column.


* On the sane side of the spectrum, take a look at The Pensito Review‘s review of Brokeback: Can a Movie about Gay Ranch Hands Change Hearts and Minds? It’s a great analysis about the possible positive effect of the film in turning the AmTaliban tide, no matter what Peter LaBarbera says.


* Alice saw my post on Jim Loewen‘s, Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of Segregation in America and wrote in to say nothing much has changed in some areas:

I am an African American who moved to this small town of Hohenwald, TN in 1971. Approximately 15 minutes south of Hohenwald and going towards Alabama, is an even smaller town called Summertown, TN. I was told by Blacks that resided in Hohenwald, that shortly before I arrived, there was a sign posted in the middle of Summertown, TN that stated” Read Nigger and Run, if you can’t read, run anyway”. To my knowledge there have never been, and presently are no African Americans living in Summertown, TN. I think Lowen should get an award for “SUNDOWN TOWNS”.


And, before I forget, the answers to the “How Well Do You Know Your Blogmistress” quiz from a few days ago…

1. What city was your blogmistress born in? Bonus: at what hospital?

Here I am, leaving the now-gone Lincoln Hospital in Durham, NC, back in 1963. (link)

2. Name two favorite films of your blogmistress (there are several correct answers)
Links are to posts/pages that reference them: The Manchurian Candidate (original), Rear Window, The Best Years of Our Lives, White Heat, Citizen Kane, Fame, Singing in the Rain, Stage Door, Glory, The Sixth Sense.

3. What city was your blogmistress and her wife married in?


4. What was the name of bed and breakfast they stayed at while in that city?

Apricot Cat and Black Dog B&B;

5. What NY high school did your blogmistress attend?

Stuyvesant High School in NYC.

6. What well-known author was one of her English teachers?

From my 10th HS reunion in 1991. Frank McCourt hadn’t written Angela’s Ashes yet.

7. What is the name of the sibling of your blogmistress?

Tim (who is about five years younger than I am).

8. Which are true?
a. Your blogmistress had an afro in the 70s. TRUE. and the pictures are heinous.
b. Your blogmistress has a motorcycle. FALSE
c. The father of your blogmistress is a black Republican. Unfortunately TRUE.

9. Your blogmistress has had three Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs as pets over the years. What are their names?

Addison, Red and Tonka.

10. In what state did your blogmistress encounter the F*cking Flying Roach (FFR) below?


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