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Sink the proselytizing 'Jesus Boat'

These bible beaters just can’t send medical care to the needy out of the goodness of their hearts, they must indoctrinate patients while they are a captive audience. (AgapePress):

A businessman from Mississippi is working on a project that would bring medical and spiritual assistance to people in Vietnam. For years, Laurel, Mississippi, businessman Richard Headrick and his wife Gina have traveled the world, supporting and encouraging Christian missionaries. Recently the Headricks traveled to the communist nation of Vietnam. While there the Headricks toured many remote villages through canals, rivers, and tributaries.

Headrick says God gave him the idea to develop what will be called a “Jesus Boat,” which will provide medical care throughout the country. “Our concept … is to use the medical and dental facility and [the care it offers] to allow us entry into the different villages,” he explains. “Then at night we would show the JESUS film, have a large screen that would collapse and go up and down, and then have some volunteer pastors, local Vietnamese pastors, that would actually go out and infiltrate into the village, into the population, and tell them about Christ.” Headrick says it could take up to two years before the “Jesus Boat” is operational in Vietnam. He adds that he has already received approval from the government for portions of the project.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding