What we have here is a failure to cooperate

Doesn’t play well with others. 

As noted below, Crazy-Ass Racist Bitch (hey, as long as she calls everyone to the left of Dick Cheney “moonbat” she’s Crazy-Ass Racist Bitch to me. My apologies to all the other bitches.) complained about some Justice Department pencil-pusher not wanting to step up to the plate and be a man. Now we see that AG John Ashcroft took a flyer too.

On one day in the spring of 2004, White House chief of staff Andy Card and the then White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales made a bedside visit to John Ashcroft, attorney general at the time, who was stricken with a rare and painful pancreatic disease, to try—without success—to get him to reverse his deputy, Acting Attorney General James Comey, who was balking at the warrantless eavesdropping. Miffed that Comey, a straitlaced, by-the-book former U.S. attorney from New York, was not a “team player” on this and other issues, President George W. Bush dubbed him with a derisive nickname, “Cuomo,” after Mario Cuomo, the New York governor who vacillated over running for president in the 1980s. (The White House denies this; Comey declined to comment.)

We await Michelle’s condemnation of John Ashcroft as a sanctimonius unhinged Chicken Little terrorist-loving moonbat.

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