…and it only comes but once a year.
Just like Bob Dole.

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Because of various family members who were unavailable on Christmas Day (which is one of the holidays that we celebrate during this, the “happy holidays!” season) we gathered at my moms place today to eat, exchange gifts, and make fun of those that couldn’t be there to join us.

We’re that kind of family.

With the TV on in the background we heard whoever was the anchor on the NBC Nightly News, when introducing a story on the New Year, describe it as “one of our oldest holidays”.

I guess that was better than describing it as “an annual event”.

Anyway, my mom gave me a boxed set of the first five seasons of The Simpsons, which makes her a pretty cool mom if I do say so myself. At least now I’ll know what the hell Jonah Goldberg is always going on and on about.

Not that I really want to…

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