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Why can't these losers just leave Austin alone?

The bible-beaters cannot keep their grubby hands off of one of the few islands of tolerance in the Lone Star State. The wingers have begun a push to force the University of Texas at Austin to stop the funding of its campus LGBT center.

Laughably, one of the groups involved is the UT chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas, which is whining that the school excludes the “ex-gay movement.” What balls. (365gay):

The state funded university gives the Gender and Sexuality Center $80,000 a year. The center offers counseling and other services to LGBT students. It also includes a campus’s women’s resource center, dealing with issues such as rape, harassment and domestic violence.

Christian political action groups that spearheaded the move to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage are pressuring the university to stop allowing student fees to go to the center.

The fees are collected by the student government which then allocates the funds. The UT Board of Regents has the power to overrule the use of the money.

The conservative groups say that students opposed to homosexuality should not be forced to fund the center.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding