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Quiz: how well do you know your blogmistress?

This is just a little fun quiz, something to do while I’m out of town. Some are easy, some are more difficult, but all the information has been mentioned on my web site or the blog before. Knock yourselves out. I’ll be lurking and checking in from time to time. 🙂

1. What city was your blogmistress born in? Bonus: at what hospital?

2. Name two favorite films of your blogmistress (there are several correct answers)

3. What city was your blogmistress and her wife married in?

4. What was the name of bed and breakfast they stayed at while in that city?

5. What NY high school did your blogmistress attend?

6. What well-known author was one of her English teachers?

7. What is the name of the sibling of your blogmistress?

8. Which are true?
a. Your blogmistress had an afro in the 70s
b. Your blogmistress has a motorcycle
c. The father of your blogmistress is a black Republican

9. Your blogmistress has had three Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs as pets over the years. What are their names?

10. In what state did your blogmistress encounter the F*cking Flying Roach (FFR) below?

I’ll post the answers on Sunday, once we’re back in town.

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