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stalin-poster3.jpgActual result of Rasmussen poll: ""[s]ixty-four percent (64%) of Americans believe the National Security Agency (NSA) should be allowed to intercept telephone conversations between terrorism suspects in other countries and people living in the United States."

Headline from wignut blog Ace of Spades: 64% Say Warrantless Eavesdropping OK

And when the firebrands in the comments section noted the inherent mendacity of the warrentless insertion, how did the blog’s auteur defend his decision to retain the headline?

Because I’m pretty sure that everyone in America knows we were conducting warrantless searches.

You bring up a sort of decent point about wording, but, come on, everyone knows what was being asked of them.

A question about "noncontroversial eavesdropping with full approval of a FISA court" would get nearly 100% approval, don’t you think, Chief?

So what could possibly account for the missing 36%?


I can’t include the full question in the fucking title, moron.

No, no he can’t. That would be too long. He needs that space for violating Atrios’s copyright.

I swear, between the slavish, Stalin-esque love for totalitarianism and their contempt for private property, free enterprise and market capitalism these people are all just fucking communists.

In the end, principle meant nothing and he bowed to the slavish demands of the crowd and changed the headline.

Let’s amend that. Communist pussies.

Update: Sadly, the remedial Ace has no better education than his counterparts on the Russian collectivist farms and seems to be unfamiliar with the copyright laws that prevail in the free market. I realize that the concept of Intellectual Property is a bit sophisticated for someone grappling with the rudiments of capitalism, but as most liberals know you cannot copy someone’s entire post and still fall under "Fair Use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

I’m sure he would just sulk before the judge, claim he was undeprivileged and should be excused because he "just didn’t know." Tragic, really, how they all just can’t take responsibility for their own culture of criminality.

I blame it on the welfare state.

(via Stephen Kaus)

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