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I had to go to Steve Gilliard’s blog to learn that former Charger Scott Turner is running for Duke Cunningham’s old seat here in San Diego. That is if Cunningham didn’t steal the seat also.

Scott Turner, 33, a political neophyte, made his announcement Tuesday from a makeshift lectern placed on the 50-yard line at Santa Fe Christian School’s Beauchamp Stadium.

Flanked by his wife, Robin, Turner said he’s in the 50th Congressional District race despite naysayers who, he said, have told him he needs a Hail Mary-type completion to overcome his better-financed and more experienced rivals.

“Many have already tried to dissuade me from one, running for Congress, and two, entering this particular race which is filled with professional politicians and other candidates,” Turner said. “They state that I don’t have a chance. But through perseverance, hard work, faith in God and determination, I have been able to succeed in many areas of my life, and in my own personal dictionary I have crossed out the word ‘impossible.’ “


Turner made no mention of ethnicity in his announcement, instead talking of his humble upbringing in Texas and what he said was his lifelong ability to overcome adversity. He cited his ability to play professional football from 1995 through 2004 despite lacking NFL size. He played for the San Diego Chargers from 1998 through the 2002 season.

“The same attributes that allowed me to be successful on the fields of play are the ones that I will take with me to be not just a successful, but a wonderful representative of the people of the 50th District of California,” he said.

Okay. Here it comes. The Chargers record during The Scott Turner Era:

2002 8 -8
2001 5 -11
2000 1 -15
1999 8 -8
1998 5 -11

Little math here…carry the four…hmmmmmm

I come up with 27 – 53. Excellence on the field, indeed.

Now I’m no big Chargers fan but, honest to Jeebus, I’ve never heard of the guy before so I guess that means we can’t blame him for that 1-15 season.

Doesn’t mean we have to vote for him though…

Meanwhile I see that Jeff Jacoby is late to the bash Gilliard party:

NOTHING BRINGS OUT RACIST slurs like an ambitious black man who doesn’t know his ”place.” So when Maryland’s lieutenant governor, Michael Steele, announced his candidacy for the US Senate recently, the bigots reared up. On one popular website, The News Blog, Steele’s picture was grotesquely doctored, making him look like a minstrel-show caricature. ”I’s Simple Sambo and I’s Running for the Big House,” read the insulting headline accompanying the picture.

This wasn’t some white supremacist slime from the right-wing fringe. The News Blog is a liberal site, and the reason for its racist attack on Steele, a former chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, is that he is a conservative. Specifically, a black conservative. As far as too many liberals are concerned, blacks who reject liberalism deserve to be smeared as Sambos and worse.

”Black Democratic leaders in Maryland say that racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael Steele . . . are fair because he is a conservative Republican,” The Washington Times reported. ”Such attacks . . . include pelting him with Oreo cookies during a campaign appearance, calling him an ‘Uncle Tom,’ and depicting him as a blackfaced minstrel.”

Ah yes. The Oreos of Mass Destruction.

Yet his spokesman recalls a veritable shower of Oreos:

Paul Schurick, Ehrlich’s communications director, said last week that he saw people passing out packages of the cookies outside Morgan State University’s fine arts center before the debate and that when Steele entered the auditorium about 15 minutes before the start, people let fly with the cookies.

“It was raining Oreos,” Schurick said. “They were thick in the air like locusts. I was there. It was very real. It wasn’t subtle.

Wow, locusts. That must have caused quite a mess:

Several debate attendees, however, could not corroborate Ehrlich and Schurick’s version of events.

“It didn’t happen here,” said Vander Harris, operations manager of the Murphy Fine Arts Building at Morgan State. “I was in on the cleanup, and we found no cookies or anything else abnormal. There were no Oreo cookies thrown.”…

Clint Coleman, a spokesman for Morgan State who was at the event, said he saw lots of unseemly behavior but no Oreos.

“There were a lot of things, disturbances, by this group of outsiders who were bent on disrupting the debate,” Coleman said. “But I never actually saw Oreo cookies being thrown at him.”

As for “raining Oreos,” Coleman said, “I can tell you that did not happen.”

Neil Duke, who moderated the event for the NAACP, said last week that he didn’t see any cookies….

Funny, because the shower of locusts apparently even hit people, they said:

Most of the accounts in the past few weeks have described Steele being “pelted” by Oreos. Ehrlich said on WBAL radio that his father was hit in the head by one of the cookies. Schurick also said Ehrlich’s father was hit. Schurick would not make Robert L. Ehrlich Sr. available for an interview yesterday.

Kind of makes you wonder how a media organization can allow such misreporting.

Well it makes me wonder and maybe you, but not everyone.

Somebody should alert Mr. Jacoby. Maybe he could write a column on bullshit from the right.

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