Soon they will be calling him Rod Gayher

Rod Dreher: Heretic

Don’t believe the hype! It’s a good (not great) work of art that is not at all the propaganda tract that both its amen chorus on the left and their antagonists on the right claim. As I write in my column today, it does what Flannery O’Connor says true art does, which is to make “concrete details of life that make actual the mystery of our position here on earth”

Lets go the Dreher review:

My friend Victor Morton turned me around. On his “Right-Wing Film Geek” blog (www.cinecon.blogspot.com), Victor wrote a long, impassioned post that said, in effect, Don’t believe the ‘Brokeback’ hype, from either side! The film is good, not great, Victor argued, but what makes it worthwhile is its fidelity to the tragic truth of its characters, not its usefulness to anybody’s cause.

Intrigued, I found on the Internet a link to the Annie Proulx short story on which the movie is based and was shocked by how good it was, especially at embodying the “concrete details of life that make actual the mystery of our position here on earth” – Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor’s description of what true artistry does. Though director Ang Lee’s tranquil style fails to capture the daemonic wildness of Ms. Proulx’s version, I came away from the film thinking, this is not for everybody, but it really is a work of art.

Of course, to provide himself with cover, “Rod” builds his column around the strawman that Brokeback was meant as some sort of cudgel with which to beat the masses over their homo-hatin’ heads. In fact the reviews pretty much say exactly what “Rod” says. He just doesn’t want to get ‘the gay’ on him.

With a quickness, the Pod weighs in:

Rod Dreher also loved American Beauty.

Which reminds again us of why we sometimes wonder why a man would want to have sex with another man.

…or why a woman would, now that I think about it. Posted by Picasa

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