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Coturnix of Science and Politics tagged me with the Seven Times Seven Meme. I also see that I was tagged by Guy (am I on someone’s hit list?), so here it goes folks…

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
* figure out how to make the perfect pound cake (every time)
* find my true calling so that I can make the world a better place before I pass
* win/earn enough money and leisure time to do the following:
* a long, restorative trip to Hawaii (I’ve been twice, to Oahu and The Big Island, but the trips were too short)
* travel the U.S. cross-country by car
* travel to the great cities of the world
* see the pyramids in Egypt
* stay healthy enough to enjoy doing all of the above

Seven Things I Cannot Do
* sing (well)
* sit through funerals without falling asleep
* live where it is cold (<40 degrees) most of the year
* live where it is more humid than NC (this is all I can take)
* write as well as my brain computes
* sky dive (no way, no how)
* play competitive sports (my softball and tennis skills suck now)

Seven Things That Attract Me to…Blogging
* I have a place to rant about the horrible man occupying the White House and the goons in power
* the fact that my rants actually found an audience that can chime in and give feedback
* it is a community of ordinary folks whose humorous, eclectic and brilliant voices from all over I would never engaged with
* I can do it in my jammies (sometimes)
* you can’t see me when I’m in my jammies and striped socks, typing away
* I learn so much from other bloggers
* I have been able to make enough Benjamins to pay for the hosting 🙂

Seven Things I Say Most Often
* that’s heinous
* Who wants a biscuit?
* You’re the sweetest/No, you’re the sweetest
* you’ve got to be f*cking kidding
* Who’s monitoring the Beavis? (to Bailey)
* Hey baby
* Hello children (to the dogs)

Seven Books That I Love
Oy, this is hard, too many choices.
* Angela’s Ashes
* The Celluloid Closet
* Cult Movies (1-3)
* The Warhol Diaries
* Blood Done Sign My Name
* Bush on the Couch
* Harriet the Spy (had to put on a favorite from childhood)

Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again
* The Sixth Sense
* Citizen Kane
* Singing in the Rain
* Glory
* The Manchurian Candidate (first one)
* The Best Years of Our Lives
* Fame

Seven People I Want To Join In Too
* Russ
* Ms. Julien
* Jill
* Blogenfreude
* Kathy
* Robust McManly Pants
* Arse Poetica

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