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Spanish official steps down over same-sex marriage

See ya, loser. Let me take out my tiny violin for you, nah, you’re not worth it… (Daily Mail):

A Spanish justice of the peace has resigned, saying he found it “morally impossible” to register gay weddings, which have been legal since July.

I submit my resignation as I find it morally impossible for me to marry homosexual couples, and therefore I could not apply that law, Antonio Alonso, a justice of the peace in Pinto outside the capital Madrid, said. Mr Alonso said the law “was made for those who accepted gay marriages, while those who don’t must resign their posts”.

Mr Alonso refused in October to marry a gay couple, and appealed to Spain’s constitutional court, which said earlier this month that civil registrars did not have the right to lodge a case on constitutional issues.

For my Canadian Blenders, a question for you — have you seen much press about significant numbers of marriage commissionaires stepping down or refusing to perform same-sex weddings?


While we’re on Spain, I thought I’d pass this nugget on. Apparently a radio station was running a smear campaign against pro-gay Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero because of his legalization of same-sex marriage. That’s no surprise. The kicker is that the station is owned by the Spanish Bishops’ Conference. How pious and Christian of them. Nice to know they have their priorities in order; I’m sure it was Ratzi-approved.

A radio station owned by Spain’s bishops has apologized to Spain and Bolivia for alleging that Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was a Communist and that he was was organizing an axis that would include Cuba and Venezuela.

An on air personality at Cope Radio, pretending to be Zapatero, called the incoming president of Bolivia, Evo Morales to try to implicate him in the bogus report. After congratulating Morales on his election victory the broadcaster said, “We are sincerely happy that you are triumphantly joining the new order that we wish to set up in Spain and Latin America, Evo.”

Cope is owned by the Spanish Bishops’ Conference, which has been on a campaign to discredit Zapatero following the passage of same-sex marriage legislation. Prior to passage of the bill this summer the bishops organized an anti-gay rally in downtown Madrid. More than 500 busses carried people to the demonstration from throughout the country.

The bishops also encouraged local authorities not to recognize gay marriages, which would explain Antonio Alonso’s behavior in the first piece.

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