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What’s He Up To?

21137_thumb.jpgThings sure have been quiet on the Plame front of late. Someone was asking today what I thought it all meant so based on absolutely nothing but intuition and baseless gossip here goes:

1. Luskin either got the boot or has been neutered. He’s clearly not talking to the press any more, which is so un-Luskin like that either Karl has fired him or his participation as a witness now necessitates silence.

2. The nomination of Viveca Novak’s husband to the FEC is nothing if not a giant "fuck you" to Fitz, and if it happened in say the Gotti organization it would definitely raise the eyebrows of a prosecutor. It’s also a big "who’s your daddy" moment for Viveca Novak, as she is probably out of a job and now the key defense witness for a man who is now going to be her husband’s boss. Those who want to argue they nominated him purely on his merits with no notion of any larger implication? Please. This is Karl Rove we’re talking about here.

3. The fact that they felt free to do (2) above means that they know Rove is going to soon to be indicted. With the exception of Victoria Toensig and her squirrelly husband running around calling Fitzgerald an out-of-control prosecutor, Rove has really gone out of his way up until now to refrain from his usual smear tactics and keep on Fitz’s good side. That they are no longer troubling to do this means they know the party’s over.

4. Fitzgerald has been before the new grand jury several times recently without presenting any new witnesses. I have no clue what he’s talking to them about but it would suggest he is presenting information that was previously given to the other grand jury and it’s not a new matter. We’ve been told over and over again that Rover barely escaped the hangman’s noose during Round One, so it’s not outside the realm of the imaginable to assume his turn is up once again.

5. Timetable: Not even a guess.

A special plea to Mr. Fitzgerald: The natives are getting restless. You of all people know how important it is to keep the public on the right side of all of this, and since Luskin went silent it’s been deathly quiet in here. Can you please release the Scooter part of the pages redacted from Judge Tatel’s concurrence to give us something to chew on? Think of it as cocktail weenies for the masses to tide us over so you can take the time you need to do this right. We know you don’t get any do-overs.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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