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Holiday pickings

If you missed getting that last gift, consider this perfect selection to prepare your loved one for the events sure to occur in 2006, courtesy of Perrspectives.

Jon Perr says, “By the way, the current Conservative Threat Level is Orange/Elevated: Church and State to Merge.”


And while we’re on the Terror Alert motif, why not pimp Russ’s fine variety of swag:


And there’s nothing like a good New Year’s limerick, courtesy of Mad Kane.

Auld Lang Impeachment — Song Parody (Sing to Auld Lang Syne)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Bush/Cheney’s wrongs won’t be forgot.
Each one we’ll keep in mind.
These evil men must be locked up
For all their many crimes.

They spied on U.S. citizens.
They lied us into war.
And now it’s time for righteous folk
To shove them out the door.

They both abused our Bill of Rights.
Took money from the poor.
Said up was down and black was white.
They are evil to the core.

They plundered our great nation’s wealth.
They’ve terrorized our land.
Impeach George Bush and Cheney too.
It is time to take a stand.

Even better, hear her sing it.

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