They call them “Dittoheads” because Sean Hannity’s posse already had dibs on “Toostupidtoliveheads”

Rush’s kids Posted by Picasa

Now that the War on Christmas has been declared a quagmire and stored in the attic for another year we turn to theYellow Elephant front, where we see that they are taking the fight (that would be the whining sniveling “I got bad grades” fight as opposed to the “bang bang…I’m hit! Medic!” fight) to the college campuses with a story here in the NY Times and this one from Faux News with this priceless quote:

“This is where reform should happen: on the local levels, on the state levels,” said Flickinger, whose ire is mostly directed at what he says is liberal bias in the classroom. He said a “quiet rebellion” is occurring among students who Flickinger calls “(Rush) Limbaugh babies” — students were brought up in households where the popular conservative talk radio host could be heard. “They have developed critical thinking skills and don’t take at face value what the left is saying.”

They are so cute when they try to frame an argument…

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