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As we’re kinda busy around here cooking and cleaning (we’re peeling apples for pie now), a few tidbits that came in the email box…

* Check out Jeremy’s menorah and “holiday tree” with wingnut ornaments over at Good As You.

* Man sentenced for doing sexual acts with calves. Thanks for the “season’s greetings”, Paul, lololol. This almost tops my Alastair Cooke bone-snatching post!

A 64-year-old Neillsville man pleaded no contest to charges of sexual gratification with an animal and disorderly conduct Thursday in Clark County court after telling police he had been having sex with calves for about two years at a Greenwood farm. Harold G. Hart was sentenced to two years’ probation, an AODA assessment and psychological counseling. He is to have no contact with any members of the family whose barn he broke into, and he is to compensate them for the $60 motion sensors they used to catch him on their property.

* Our friend The Heretik has released himself from the Typepad hell, and has relocated! Catch his work at – and update your blogrolls!

* Guarding Jesus: Nativity scene defies thieves. Holly passed on an update to my earlier post about the Cheviot, OH Jesus that was snatched (Replacement Jesus found).

Civic officials placed the third Baby Jesus – a fiberglass twin of the display’s 42-year-old original – in its manger Friday. Also in place were two new sheep. Thieves took a fiberglass sheep when they swiped the first Baby Jesus.

The scene’s second Baby Jesus – a gift from 12-year-old Anderson Township resident Julie Hendricks – was stolen Dec. 17. Thieves left behind one leg. Police recovered the figure Dec. 19. The limb has since been reattached. The figure rests in Cheviot City Hall.

“The new fiberglass Baby Jesus will be here for Christmas,” vowed Steve Neal, Cheviot’s safety-service director. “The surveillance camera is in place. Police will be assigned to guard him on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.”

* Victim of homophobic bullying wins $440,000 settlement. This will definitely have an impact on school systems. A Kansas teen’s family sued for years of unabated abuse from the seventh grade to his junior year in the Tonganoxie School District.

* Virginia Senator George Allen is now taking heat from gays for his reversal on the fed hate crimes law. Whie his state’s governor, Mark Warner is standing up to the bigots, Allen’s trying to score points with the wingers, that he feels he needs to make it to the White House.

Allen voted in 2004 in favor of adding sexual orientation to federal hate-crimes statutes. He said last week he revised his view based on a concern he has developed that federal hate-crimes laws could be used as a building block to making sexual orientation a national civil right.

…A political magazine’s poll of Washington “insiders” in April gave Allen the best chance of capturing the Republican nomination for president in 2008. A new poll this month by the same magazine, National Journal, continued to put him first.


Right now, Kate and I have the first version of Miracle on 34th Street on, and in some ways it’s kind of creepy. Just some things I noticed…

* The guy neighbor that’s trying to woo Natalie Wood’s mom, has the child in his apartment with him — alone — watching the parade. The mom’s never met the guy before. Like any parent would allow this to happen now.
* Kris Kringle would have had his ass hauled off to a psycho ward.
* The neighbor guy has two twin beds in his bedroom(!), which is located right on Central Park West, so he lets Kris “bunk in” with him.
* And, the neighbor smokes in bed — how retro is that? Why doesn’t he just set the building afire?

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