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I promise not to end the year with this guy

Hopefully we can blog about something that isn’t tied to the White House “sleepover” rent boy before the year is over. This go-round, via Raw Story, there is news that the softball-question-throwing cub reporter’s publisher is running for Vice Chair of the Texas GOP.

The GOP operative and conservative website owner who hired a onetime prostitute to cover the White House has decided to run for the vice chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas, RAW STORY has learned.

Jeff Gannon, a $200-an-hour gay male escort, resigned from Eberle’s Talon News last February after pictures and stories emerged which revealed that he once toiled as a gay male prostitute. Eberle shut down the news site shortly thereafter, although his satellite Website remains active.

The Raw Story article by John Byrne is full of choice nuggets about Eberle, who seems to be trying to shore up his name recognition within the party. He’s not exactly a big gun.

Despite Eberle’s alleged extensive connections, the New York Times reported that “Texas Republicans said he was not well known in the party” and the Houston Chronicle had difficulties getting “[s]everal local Republican elected officials” to return phone calls when they profiled him after the Gannon scandal. Sherry Sylvester, a spokeswoman for the Texas Republican Party at the time, told the Chronicle, “I’m not going to comment because I don’t know him, and nobody here does.”

…Eberle has already launched a website touting his candidacy. Oddly enough, it was registered on Feb. 7, 2005, one day before Jeff Gannon resigned from Talon News. It’s unclear when the site went live.

Is it me, or does Bobby seem so…metrosexual in that pic? Gawd, this story just doesn’t quit. I just wonder what all of this is really about.

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