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New S.F. Archbishop takes on the Vatican homo purge

“Some who are seriously mistaken have named sexual orientation as the cause of the recent scandal regarding the sexual abuse of minors by priests.”

— Archbishop George Hugh Niederauer, who will soon become the Archbishop of San Francisco, on the Vatican’s gay witch hunt

Kate and I were talking about this at lunch; what must the Vatican think when the Archbishops start bucking Ratzi’s marching orders? We’ve already seen priests speak out, leave the priesthood and begin to “come out” literally and figuratively, about the unfairness of this policy. What will the Prada Pope do to snap these politically wayward men in line? From bible-beating Lifesite:

Archbishop George Hugh Niederauer, soon to be installed as the new Archbishop of San Francisco, has told a local news outlet that he is opposed to the Vatican’s prohibition of homosexuals in seminaries.

Niederauer referred to the “sexual orientation” of homosexual men, what the Vatican document on ordaining homosexual men called “deep seated homosexual tendencies” as merely “a structure of human personality,” that does not preclude such men from being ordained.

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, says he is worried that Niederauer is “gay friendly.” Speaking to’s Matt Abbot, Euteneuer said, “If the pro-gay attitudes, policies and statements of the new Archbishop of San Francisco have been reported accurately-and we have no reason to believe they have not-then his opinions run counter to the spirit and intent of the Vatican instruction on homosexuals in the seminary.”

This unhinged article goes on, suggesting there is a pro-gay underground network, moving in the shadows of Catholicism, hell-bent on pushing the Homosexual AgendaTM. After all, Niederauer actually — gasp — lived in a gay neighborhood at one time.

The evidence that Niederauer is a supporter of the “gay” cause in the Church and in civil society is overwhelming. Glowing recommendations from the homosexual activist movement are flooding the internet news sources.

From 1992 to 1994, Niederauer resided in West Hollywood’s St. Victor’s parish which is identified in the homosexual press as “sizably gay.” “Gay men never felt ill at ease dealing with him,” said Monsignor George Parnassus, a St. Victor pastor emeritus. Parnassus added, “We would be invited to their homes in West Hollywood.”

Niederauer, ordained to the priesthood in 1962, is a prominent member of what some Catholic writers have dubbed the “Camarillo Mafia,” a group of liberal and dissident prelates who graduated from and/or taught at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California, and who were ordained in Los Angeles in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

All I see here is a whispering campaign to out the Archbishop — which I suppose is fine, since it sounds like if it came to a head, he’d probably come out if he was gay.

I think Ratzi and Co. needs to worry about is what Niederauer’s knowledge may be of who’s boinking who along the Vatican food chain.

I had to see what was swirling in Freeperland. They too, are awaiting for a Benedict crackdown.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“HOW did this bloke get the job? I would have thought San Francisco would be the last place someone with his views should be put. Has anyone mentioned this to Benedict?”

“Great moral leaders those catholics.”

“Please don’t put all Catholics in the same category as this clown.”

“I don’t, but I do wonder where the outrage from the catholics is regarding this as well as the buggering. I too am ashamed of the Episcopalians.”

“Ugh. I hope the Catholics have learned by watching the fiasco in ECUSA, lest they go down the same road.”

“Catholic Bishops are the successors of the Apostles. Unfortunately, some of them take their inspiration from Judas Iscariot …”

“Why does the church appoint someone to this level when they disagree with the church?”

“What we have here is.. a failure… to excommunicate.”

“Can anyone take the Catholic Church seriously anymore? This is just the same message the public hears ad infinitum.”


“It’s a total mystery to me. I’d be staggered if Benedict personally approved this one.”

“When news of this gets to Rome, this clown is going to find out that the Church vote goes on a majority of 1, and that “1” isn’t going to be too amused with this guy. Benny didn’trun the Inquisition of nothing. Buh bye!”

“Niederauer said he was troubled that the amendment banned any union beside marriage, a position in direct opposition to Catholic teaching. Maybe I’m reading Leviticus wrong?”

“The guy is already a bishop. So he’s already in charge of a diocese. They’ve simply moved him. The Diocese of Salt Lake City in Utah is likely more conservative than SF. Most places would be. By getting this guy out of Utah and into SF maybe he’ll do less damage and Utah will be better off. SF may be the ideal place for a gay friendly/homo bishop until he retires in 6 years. I know I’m reaching here, but every cloud has a silver lining.”

“Benedict hired this clown. Sounds to me like Benedict either (i) doesn’t have a clue about the seriousness of the homosexuality problem in the Roman clergy, or (ii) isn’t the conservative everyone thinks him to be.”

“The silver lining may be that this incident will give Benedict the reason he needs to step in and sort out the Church in America once and for all.”

“You may have missed the recent Vatican instruction barring gays from the priesthood. It wasn’t a joke. We’re fighting a civil war here. Benedict XVI and those loyal to him have a serious lavender insurrection on their hands. The Church will prevail, as it always has, but it’s going to be ugly for a while.”

“Actually given the seniority and the “team” the state of California has produced, this isn’t a surprise, since California has become a moral hellhole. The only conclusion I can say is that the Vatican is working at the “grass roots” level of the California moral problem, while hoping the weeds die off naturally, rather than immediately pulling them from the garden.”

“As a Lutheran, I don’t have a big dog in this fight. But it is for things like this that the LCMS is VERY concerned about signing agreements of any kinds. Granted, we have our own problems. But this smells like a test case. If SanFran can float this by the Vatican, then it will be business as usual. If BXVI comes down like the German Shepard he is, then they can scream and get more support in the liberal ranks.”

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