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Patriot Act extended six months

The Senate didn’t really want to play chicken on this one. And the cowboy in the White House is the one that blinked. It bounces back to the House now – I’m sure they feel really lucky right about now. (AP):

The terror-fighting USA Patriot Act may have a new lease on life. The GOP-controlled Senate on Wednesday approved a six-month extension of the USA Patriot Act to keep the anti-terror law from expiring on Dec. 31. President Bush gave it his grudging blessing.

The Republican-controlled House is now expected to come back and consider the legislation keeping the 16 provisions of the law passed after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington from expiring. Republican leaders and Bush wanted to make most of the law permanent, but were stymied by a filibuster in the Senate and had to resort to a six-month extension.

“This will allow more time to finally agree on a bill that protects our rights and freedoms while preserving important tools for fighting terrorism,” said Sen. Russ Feingold. D-Wis., who was the only senator to vote against the original Patriot Act in 2001.

…Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said he had no choice but to accept a six-month extension in the face of a successful filibuster and the Patriot Act’s Dec. 31 expiration date. “I’m not going to let the Patriot Act die,” Frist said.

Frist’s wearing thin on the Freepi, where he got a big ass-kicking on this. From ArmyBratProud:

Instead of forcing the floor vote and getting all Senators on record as to how they stand on protecting America, Frist caved to Dems and RINOS and went for the deal.

And now Senate RINOS won’t have to show their true colors on a vote until AFTER THE PRIMARIES!!!!

Meaning RINOS will get re-elected.

Frist has now shown himself as the weakest of leaders. The Republicans have the majority, but you would not know it by watching the Senate. Frist has allowed Dems to kick folks around and be a majority by default.

On dang near every piece of big time/major legislation, Frist has caved. Hope he enjoyed the White House Christmas Party. Because that is the closest he will ever get to the White House.

And the hits keep on coming…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“There is no way, NO WAY I would vote for Frosty, or anyone else that will not have the cojones to stand up to, not only the Dims, but world leaders, international groups and foundations, etc. The President of the United States should be one tough Moth…………….well, you get my drift.”

“There was a vote, and Frist didn’t have the votes. So it was a choice of having half a loaf or no loaf.”

“Except that the scumbag RINOs have already shown their true colors and any competent primary challenger will be able to successfully exploit that. Also, six months sounds like pretty good timing in that the general election campaign season will be getting into swing around the end of June.”


“I don’t see this as a cave, I listened to Sen. Craig today on Rush and he made some good points why we should reconsider some of the provisions of the Patriot Act. His most convincing remarks were about the fact that George W. Bush will not be our next President and do we really want somebody like Hillary (God forbid) becomes our President, with these broad powers..”

“I tend to agree with Senator Craig, we must draft legislation that limits the powers of the Government to snoop into our lives, in order to protect us from corrupt people like Hillary Clinton who could abuse these broad powers. God only knows the extent of prior abuses of power”

“I agree. Is there a better issue to be debating or are Scooter Libby headlines more desirable? The Act lives and I’d rather have that then have it die just so shortsightexd bitches can whine.”

“Negative. Had Frist forced it….and reforced it…he would have cornered and they would have had to face the music for not voting. I have pals on the Hill who have e-mailed me today. They say that the Senators who were threatening not to vote in the moderat area…were catching heat from back home. The RINOS included. And now Frist caves. His only legacy.”

“Amazing how Harry Reid seems to do so much more with 45 votes than Bill Frist does with 55 votes. An effective leader finds the votes by maintaining party discipline and drawing off red-state Democrats. Bill Frist has never been an effective leader, and the best thing that can happen to the Republican party is his upcoming retirement in 2006.”

“Why is Frist still in the position of leader? Perhaps the Republicans could a leadership opening on”

“What is he supposed to do when there are so many shameful Republicans in the Senate? He didn’t vote those clowns into office.”

“Six more months for the NY Times, the MSM, and the RINOs on the Sunday talk shows to wear down support for the Patriot Act, as they have done to considerable effect with the war in Iraq.”

“FReepers are blinded by partisanship, and don’t want to hear about legitimate concerns from Sen. Craig. This sure ain’t the same FR that excoriated Clinton over Waco (well, except for __Jim).”

“Hey Frist…if you dont have the cojones to fight Democrats on Capitol Hill, then you obviously do not have the cojones to fight Al-Qaeda aywhere.”

“While this pi$$es me off — especially Frist being the ultimate wimp — I think you are right we may have lost in the short term, but long term, six months is uncomfortably close to the ’06 elections and if they remain obstructionists it WILL be remembered at the polls so they could (fingers crossed) lose in the long term…”

“He is a limp-wristed wimp of a “leader.” How about a little arm twisting? A little backbone? I am sick of this guy AND sick of people on these threads who continually defend him!”

“I wish Tom Delay would run for senate, then take over for Frist. We need a Hammer in the senate, not a spinless weakling”

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