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Mattel caves on association with Girls Inc.

The AFA believes that the Girl’s Inc. “I Can” band leads to dead fetuses and wanton dykery.

A short while back the bible-beaters were up in arms over American Girl dolls, and the line’s affiliation with Girls Incorporated, which helps young, underprivileged young women build a sense of self-respect and self-determination. The problem is that Girls Inc. also teaches girls about their bodies, health and sexuality. The big siren went off in AmTalibanland.

The all-too-familiar bigots at the American Family Association ran a petition campaign with this message spamming out to American Girl President Ellen Brothers and Mattel Chairman Bob Eckert. (Mattel owns American Girl):

I have been made aware of your cash donation and continuing proceeds through the “I Can” bracelet to Girls Inc.

I feel American Girl and Mattel has made a tragic mistake in partnering with Girls Incorporated, a pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group.

After viewing the Girls Inc. website, I am convinced your financial support for them will cause a lot of American Girl fans and consumers to abandon their longtime loyalty and faithfulness to your company.

I implore you to reconsider your partnership with Girls Inc. and let me know of your decision. Your response to my concerns will greatly affect how I choose to do business with American Girl and Mattel in the future.

Well, which road did Mattel take — the Kraft path (“screw you” AmTaliban”), maybe? No, like Ford, Mattel caved in to the bible beaters. (CBS):

That was until the Wiesners found out that the American Girl company donates money to an organization called Girls Incorporated, which offers support to underprivileged girls. Girls Inc. also endorses Roe v. Wade — the right to abortion and it promotes acceptance of homosexuality. It’s an association that families like the Wiesners are protesting with their wallets.

“This year, we’re not going to buy any of the products for Christmas,” Wiesner says bluntly.

…American Girl, which just launched its first ever major ad campaign in its 20-year history, released a statement saying it is “profoundly disappointed that certain groups have chosen to misconstrue American Girl’s purely altruistic efforts.”

Also Mattel, the maker of the doll has decided it will not renew its partnership with Girls Inc. which runs out this year.

I can almost guarantee you that Mattel won’t do a mea culpa in the end as the automaker did. Joyce M. Roch?Š, President of Girls, Inc., responded to the controversy on its site.

Recently, our mission to help girls develop their self-esteem and self-reliance has become the target of false, inflammatory statements from people who are pursuing a narrow political agenda.

Girls Incorporated stands on its long positive history. The millions of lives we have touched speak for who we are and our values. Thanks to all of you who believe in our mission of inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Together, we will continue to work to help all girls realize their potential.

Thanks to House Blender Jennifer of Intous for the pointer.

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