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Lesbian teen expelled for off-campus kiss

A Georgia teenager was tossed out of a private Christian school for kissing another girl at a slumber party. The charge was that she violated the school’s “sexual immorality” clause.

The family is suing the school, using the argument that the clause doesn’t specify what the term means, therefore the teen could not have known that she had crossed a line. (SoVo):

Jessica Bradley, 15, acknowledges in the lawsuit that a fellow female Covenant Academy student kissed her at a private sleepover party away from school property on April 22, and also that she had been in a relationship with a different girl.

But Bradley denies that her behavior violated the school’s discipline code because the rules do not specifically state same-sex kissing is grounds for expulsion, according to her attorney, Dave Clark of Lawrenceville, Ga.

“The school’s prohibition against sexual immorality is too vague to be enforced,” Clark said, explaining the breach of contract complaint.

By making only general references to the Bible and scripture and what kind of behavior is expected of students, the school failed to make clear what actions it required of students to avoid expulsion, he said.

What Jessica did is not ‘expressly forbidden in scripture’ and a legal contract cannot be based upon vague ‘principles of divine revelation,’ as stated in the student handbook,” he said.

I do think this is an interesting case, because, as Clark later states in the article, it’s likely that it will force the school to articulate whether they do have an anti-gay policy. As a private school they clearly have the right to discriminate in that manner – but everyone should be able make an informed decision about whether that school is right for their child.

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