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Catholic magazine runs ad featuring condom-wrapped Virgin Mary statue. I guess this reflects a lack of familiarity with condoms by the Jesuit editors of America magazine. Hmmmm. No surprise there (and no safer sex either).

The display ad, in America, was placed by a British artist for what he called the “Extra Virgin” statue. The ad said that the statue wears “a delicate veil of latex.”

The advertisement, in its December 5 issue, drew complaints from Catholics across the country, incensed that the paper was promoting condoms and using the Virgin Mary to do it.

Readers were particularly angry that the ad appeared in a magazine printed by a priestly order in the Catholic Church. America is owned and published by the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit Order. The ad somehow was missed in the magazines vetting process.

“We were embarrassed to have readers call our attention to the offensive advertisement that escaped our unknowing eyes and appeared in the December 5 issue,” an apology says in issue to be distributed next week.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding