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Fox SC reporter active on Stormfront forums

As if there is any surprise that this is going on in SC — Tami Birckner, a “news” reporter who ran a puff piece on the white supremacist web site Stormfront, actively participated on the forums there and was eager to do additional “profiles” of the sick hate group. The kicker is that her bosses were pleased with her angle and coverage — and look at the rewards for Tami.

The South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association has named Tami Birckner the 2005 SC Reporter of the Year.

Fair and balanced. Why don’t they just add a burning cross to the Fox South Carolina logo? (Think Progress):

Think Progress contacted Birckner this afternoon and she confirmed that she is “FOXSC” on StormFront’s forums. Since joining in October, Birckner has posted five times, often gaining feedback (and praise) on her StormFront coverage: …

I am the reporter who did this story. For those of you who live in the FOX Carolina viewing area, I am willing to do a follow-up story to show a better make-up of the people who are members and talk more in-depth about your beliefs. THis would probably air in February. Let me know if you are interested.

Birckner’s praise of StormFront didn’t go unnoticed by Jamie Kelso (”Charles Lindbergh”), the site’s Senior Moderator, 11/14/05:

One detail that I forgot (until just yesterday) was to unmoderate our new Stormfront Member, FOXSC, so that Fox could post more easily on Stormfront.

You can read the transcript of her air-kiss to the jackboot thugs here. A snippet of the sickness:

It’s a web site with everything from dating advice and homemaking threads, to discussion boards that focus on news that white activists want to know. is a web site founded on the belief that the white race is a dying race.

One member says, “we really are just white folks that deeply care about preserving a future for our progeny.

Contact Tami at Jesus’ General has already written the Fox honchos…

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