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Clock runs out on California anti-gay marriage group

Wingnut media whore, Randy Thomasson, of Campaign for Children and Families, couldn’t sign up enough folks for a June 2006 vote.

Maybe next time, Randy. Boo-hoo. Equality California needs to crush these roaches.

A group trying to get a proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage put to voters in California has failed to collect enough names to put the issue on the June 2006 ballot and may not make it in November.

The amendment would not only prevent gay marriages but also void the state’s landmark domestic partner registry and all benefits for same-sex couples.

Randy Thomasson, the president of Campaign for Children and Families said he is not giving up. “Whether it be November 2006 or sometime in 2008, it doesn’t matter,” he said Wednesday. In the meantime, he said, the organization will continue to fight in the courts.

Another group collecting names for a second ballot measure also says it has not collected as many signatures as it had hoped. ProtectMarriage says it is now aiming for an April 13 deadline to make on November’s ballot.

Both groups say they are far behind LGBT rights group Equality California in fundraising and organization.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding