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Robert Knight's flapping his lips about homos again

He talks about all things homosexual so often that it has to give the penis-possessing head of Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute a hard-on. As I’ve said before, it seems that about once a month, Bob Knight must have a hot dream about getting boned by a guy. Then he wakes up in a cold sweat, takes a cold shower, prays, then runs to the keyboard, and writes up some unhinged quote that I end up sharing with all of you.

Here’s his latest eruption on “homosexual activists.”

Homosexual couples in seven states are now challenging laws that forbid same-sex marriage. Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute points out that homosexual activist organizations decided to tackle the issue at the state level two years ago. “They were losing battles in Washington so they decided to take the battles out to the states,” he contends. “I think their strategy here is to harass states by challenging their marriage laws all over the place and hoping the whole country will ‘cry uncle’ eventually.”

Now that this strategy has been launched, Knight says he expects it to backfire on the activists by creating more resistance. Several states, including Tennessee and South Dakota, will have traditional marriage protection amendments on their ballots in 2006.

Back on the Culture and Family Institute Ranch, Bob’s put up another of his ludicrous screeds, Science Does Not Support the Claim That Homosexuality Is Genetic. He spends the vast majority of the article quoting bogus science and speculation, such as the crap of ex-gay therapist (and Dobson puppet) Dr. Jeffrey Satinover. Bob eats it up.

Some people may be predisposed because of genetic, prenatal hormonal influences or other physical or brain differences to have personalities that make them vulnerable to the environmental factors that can elicit homosexual desires. So is homosexuality biological? Not in the way that popular media and homosexual activists have presented it.

Extremely shy and artistic young boys, for instance, who are not affirmed in their masculinity by a caring father, might be at risk for homosexuality. It’s not because of a homosexual “gene,” but because of an interrupted process of achieving secure gender identity. This can make some boys who crave male affirmation an easy mark for seduction into homosexuality. A similar pattern can be seen in girls who don’t fit classic gender profiles, need feminine affirmation, and are targeted by lesbians who play upon the girls’ emotional needs.

Such children’s vulnerability is all the more reason to protect them from early exposure to homosexual influences. The Boy Scouts of America, for instance, is right to screen out as troop leaders those men who desire other males sexually. The Scouts do so not out of bigotry, or a belief that all homosexual men molest boys. They do so out of genuine concern for the health and well-being of the boys in their charge, including those who might be sexually vulnerable.

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