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GOP whack jobs: Blanco personally responsible for Katrina deaths

The Katrina blame game nevers stops, does it? I’m of the firm opinion that both Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were both negligent and incompetent in their handling of matters, and that FEMA was well, beyond the pale as an example of government Keystone Kops futility.

That, however, is not an excuse for the revisionist thugs in Congress to try and drop deaths directly at Blanco’s door.

From my friend Chris Kromm at Facing South, who calls out the BS…

In case you missed it, one of the more astounding moments in last week’s Congressional hearings about Hurricane Katrina was seeing a series of Republican lawmakers claim that Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco was personally responsible for the 1,086 known to have died in the storm.

The NOLA Times-Picayune relates this gem from last week:

Some members of the House Select Committee, which is ostensibly investigating the federal government’s response to the crisis in the New Orleans area, insisted that Mayor Ray Nagin and Gov. Kathleen Blanco accept personal responsibility for the people who died.

U.S. Rep Jeff Miller, R-Fla., giving himself over wholly to demagoguery, told Blanco that the 1,086 Louisiana residents known to have died in the storm are about half the number of American lives lost in Iraq.

“You lost that many in one day,” he said.

SHE lost that many? In the entire hearings — a complete white-wash aside from one fiesty panel of African-American survivors — I didn’t hear one Democrat personally accuse President Bush of causing over 1,000 deaths in New Orleans.

The fact of the matter is, and Chris points this out, is that many of the residents stayed behind because they thought the levees were strong enough to sustain winds and rain produced by Katrina.

What maintenance that the government had done on those levees was substandard because the government cut corners. Chris:

In my trip to New Orleans a week ago, I saw first-hand why these “rebuilt” levees failed. Thanks to Washington budget cuts, they were done on the cheap — not driving the piles deep enough, using wobbly “I” beams instead of walls with a broad base, etc.

So bonehead demagogues like Miller bloviate, attempting to blame anyone else for the misery except the lawmakers that continually shortchanged the levee system.

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