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Nothing like a little union strike to bring out the best from they-work-hard-for-the-money lunch-pail crowd over at the Corner. These are the Travel the Country and Beg For Cash All-Stars coming soon to a Holiday Inn Express near you seeking donations in return for a little face time so that they don’t have to keep sneaking into Bill Buckley’s room late at night and raiding his wallet while he lies in state.

First we have The Derb “Did you know that “Overall, 90 percent of public employees enjoy a defined-benefit pension, compared with only 20 percent (and falling) of the private work force”? (Quote from Time magazine, 10/31/05 issue, “Where pensions are golden”.)

When you are in your seventies, you will still be schlepping to work every day, so your taxes can fund the Caribbean cruise of some cop, subway motorman, or schoolteacher who retired at 55. How will you feel about that? Mad as hell, that’s how. Inevitably, your mad-as-hell-ness will translate into politics sooner or later. Government people–enjoy it while you’ve got it. It won’t last much longer.

So I guess we’ve gotten over that post-9/11 “we honor the policemen who put their lives on the line” banalities. Buncha donut-eating slackers.

And speaking of donut-eating slackers, heeeeeres Jonah!:

Derb raises what I’ve long thought is one of the Democratic Party’s most under-reported liabilities. The Dems believe they are the party of the working man. Obviously, lots of working men (and women) are Democrats. But the lunch-bucket factory workers increasingly aren’t. Meanwhile, they are becoming simply the part of government, and not in a metaphorical sense. Government unions have become hugely influential within the ranks of the Democratic Party. How to promise plausible innovative reforms when one of their core constituencies is so deeply invested in government bloat and inefficiency is going to be a major challenge for decades to come.

Jonah, who ‘blegs’ for others to do his work so he has time to bring us the finest in timewasters, should never ever mention “inefficiency”.

I think the humor in Jonah lamenting “bloat” is pretty self evident.

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