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Roy Moore's wife lobs the 'Christian' bomb in fundraising email

Kayla Moore with Daddy Dobson at a Ten Commandments rally.

Kathy of Birmingham Blues posted about good old former Alabama judge (and GOP candidate for governor) Roy “Ten Commandments” Moore. Seems the gay-basher has charged his holy bedmate with doing a little fundraising. Maybe someone should ask Kayla Moore to rachet it down a tad. The message is basically “Roy will return morality to our country and put the Christ back in Christmas.” Get a load of this

In the letter, Kayla Moore suggested the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State “will stop at nothing to keep Roy Moore out of the Governor’s office in Alabama!”

“In short, they want to continue to promote homosexual marriages, maintain abortion on demand and remove Christ from Christmas,” Kayla Moore wrote. “They FEAR nothing more than the emergence of a powerful national spokesperson for Christian conservatism.

And make no mistake: If elected governor of Alabama, my husband will be that spokesman!” she wrote. “But again, he can’t get there alone which is why I am hoping you and thousands of other Christian conservatives will join with my husband in his campaign for governor.”

The fact is that Moore, in his race against incumbent Republican Bob Riley, faces an uphill battle in the fundraising department. The business (read: big buxxx) interests are aligned with Riley, so wacky Roy needs the money from the red-meat, bible-beating Alabamians. And this is why you have Kayla spewing this in her mailing to supporters.

“I know I am asking a lot especially right in the middle of this Christmas season when your focus is on family, friends and loved ones,” the letter reads. “But, I can think of no better time than this Holy Season to begin our campaign to return morality to our country and God to our public square. We need a man like Roy Moore as governor of Alabama. With your help and God’s grace we can, and will prevail!”

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