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Indianapolis passes gay rights ordinance

Gary at Advance Indiana passes on the great news…

In a historic advancement for civil rights in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, the Indianapolis City-County Council, in front of a jam-packed, standing room only audience voted by a one vote margin tonight, 15-14, to approve Proposal 622, the Human Rights Ordinance, reversing the 11-18 defeat of the same proposal last April. Two brave Republicans, Scott Keller and Lance Langsford, joined 13 Democrat councilors in providing the needed votes to pass the landmark gay rights ordinance. Three Democrats who voted against the measure in April, Patrice Abdullah, Ron Gibson and Steve Talley, switched their positions to pave the way for the HRO’s passage. Two Democrats, Sherron Franklin and Mary Moriarty Adams, voted no as they did the last time.

The HRO, as approved, adds both “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes from discrimination in employment and housing in Indianapolis.

Homo-bigot Eric Miller

This was a battle that featured the area’s bible-thumping bigots on parade in protest of the ordinance, including Advance America’s Eric Miller, the American Family Association’s Micah Clark and the Indiana Family Institute’s Curt Smith.

Sadly, there were black pastors not willing to see civil equality as something gay citizens deserve, such as Pastor Terry Webster of Nu Corinthian Baptist Church and Christian Love‘s Melvin Jackson. From a story before the vote, “Gay rights issue splits Christians” in the IndyStar:

At Christian Love, a small black church on the Near Westside, the Rev. Melvin Jackson told about 35 parishioners at the morning praise and worship service not to buy into the misguided effort by proposal supporters to equate the struggles of gays and lesbians with the civil rights movement and discrimination against blacks.

“Their whole issue is: Let us be recognized as a class that needs to be protected because of our sexual behavior,” he told worshippers gathered in the small, concrete block church at 1029 Burdsal Parkway. “I don’t believe it is the business of government to say sexual behavior is protected.”

* Indianapolis bigots in the pulpit are unhinged

Thanks to Blender Holly for the pointer.

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