Dig deep

Not that Atrios hasn’t already sent you there, but spread a little holiday cheer (take that, Bill O’Reilly) to Digby who is objectively one of the best liberal writers on the internets. Every time I read a post over at Hullabaloo I am reminded of the hard work, research, and concise wordsmithing that goes into a blog post. Disciplines that I personally have no time for, by the way.

Remember that most bloggers do this for free and, as in Digby’s case, you get better content then you might get from, say, paying to read John Tierney at the New York Times (if we want to set the bar ridiculously low).

Now you’ll have to excuse me…George Soros is at the door with one of those big Publishers Clearinghouse-sized checks for me.

I am so gonna buy a solid gold iPod.

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