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Tell me I'm dreaming – Empty Wig for Governor

I hope this is just a trial balloon, because someone is smoking the good stuff in the NC GOP if they think this is a good idea. (N&O;):

It is the rumor that won’t die. But the tale that U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole might be interested in running for governor of North Carolina in 2008 continues to circulate in the conservative blogs. One blog even has former Raleigh mayor Tom Fetzer running for Dole’s Senate seat.

Those close to Dole have repeatedly said the Republican from Salisbury plans to seek re-election to a second Senate term in 2008 and has no interest in running for governor.

But the Dole for governor rumors continue to circulate, probably reflecting some dissatisfaction over the potential GOP field for governor.

Real Values has plenty to say about our Senator (who, incidentally, has what has to be the worst constituent services imaginable).

I for one hope she DOES run for Governor in 2008. I think Attorney General Roy Cooper, State Treasurer Richard Moore, or Lt. Governor Bev Perdue

would eat Empty Wig’s lunch in a run for Governor. Of course if she did run for Governor, she might actually have to move to NC, which I am sure would cramp her style.

No matter what Empty Wig does in ’08 Democrats in NC should be enthusiastic about the chances to re-take this seat. Outgoing Governor Mike Easley would obviously be a hell of a candidate. Even if Easley doesnt run (he says he isnt interested) there are top flight candidates, including Congressman Bob Etheridge.

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