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Freeperland follies: 'Fry the traitors'

As you know, Dear Leader said he’s not giving up his secret wiretaps, and said that the disclosure that he’s violating your rights for “security” on the QT was the real problem: “It was a shameful act for someone to disclose this very important program in time of war,” our dry drunk president said at today’s press conference, as Kool-Aid was passed around the room.

There is a special pipeline system installed at the White House, one that winds its way beneath the earth’s surface over to Freeperland, dumping gallons of Kool-Aid directly into the fetid waters there. The pliant knuckledraggers are bloodthirsty, eager to find out who these traitors are that have exposed their Dear Leader’s secret plan to save America, the Domestic Spying for Security InitiativeTM. They want names.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“I hope they find the SOBs and fry them.”

“I’d have called them trators.”

“It infuriates me to know that last night, Bush just handed his head over to the Dems on a silver platter. He has given the Dems fodder for the upcoming election by admitting wrong doing instead of showing that they DID find WMD. So I guess this Novak/Plame thing hurt worse than we imagined. It took Rove out of commission (apparently) because to out of freaking nowhere start going “We were wrong, but since we started, we gotta still be at war”. Stupid Stupid Stupid IMO anyway.”

“Time for a disinformation war. If the Bush administration was clever, they’d start feeding varied dummy “classified” information to certain individuals and segments of the CIA, NSA, FBI, Pentagon, Justice Dept. etc. All of the ‘dummy info’ will be somewhat selatious and damning of the Bush administration, and all of it will be false and harmless. When the leaks start coming out, hells should roll.”

“Not a half bad idea. Such would help enable them to trace the leak and identify where it’s coming from. It would also drive the Dems crazy … which is a short trip, and is always fun to watch.”

“Rush really took off after the traitors today. He said they’re running around claiming they didn’t know about the wire tapping, while they knew it all along. He said he wants them investigated and thrown out of Congress. Thank you, Rush.”

“”I’d call them trators” My beebers are stunned! Actually what scares me most is that this could enable the Islamofashists to carry out an attach right before 9/11/06. I hope that I am wrong. I am just getting a real uneasy feeling about this whole thing.”

“I keep thinking, if the senators were of the same caliber as those who held that office during WWII, we’d be seeing NONE of these leaks….NONE of the two-faced, self-aggrandizing charades playing out today. The bulk of the senators today are not men at all…they’re weasels.”

“And all along the MSM knows that the President did not exceed his authority. The Patriot Act + the Constitution + the Congressional Resolution of Sep 18, 2001 give the president all the authority he needs to pursue anyone he thinks threatens the US. Read ’em and weep MSM…And know that I despise you, and even more for your hatred of my country and your siding with and aiding and abettin of its enemies.”

“The only problem with that is that the MSM would roll with the fake stories and even a documented “sting” would be spun as the WH covering. Just look at how the whole timing issue and congrasional notification issue of this bogus “spying” story have been ignored.”

“I think Bush is telling the Country that the Democrats think they can do it better, and the REpublican congressmen agree with the Democrats, so he is going to let them. Bush has no loyalty to the GOP that has abandoned him.”

“Somebody needs killing over this/ Politics in which a rotten POS discloses secret information isnt politics any more Its treason.”

“This is like blabbing that we broke the Enigma machina.”

“First of all, I think we need to find out if these wiretaps were illegal. From all that I’ve read and heard, including from people whose opinion I respect on such matters, like Bob Barr, they were illegal and unconstitutional. If that’s the case, then I’m more concerned about the people committing the initial illegal acts than some whistleblower who is merely exposing illegality.”

“why have FISA warrants if you’re not gonna use them? I read somewhere that 758 were applied for and the same # granted, so why not go through the warrant process? just wondering.”

“I understand no president from any party has ever been quoted saying “I have too much power and I’d like to give some back to the people”, but the arguments like ‘I have nothing to hide so I don’t care’ and/or ‘Clintoon did this ,too and more…’ are getting tiresome. I’m reminded again: no matter who you vote for , the gubmint always wins. “

“We’re long past the legality of the act. Attorney General Gonzales has already said Congress has given President Bush the authority for domestic surveillance after 9/11. Both Pelosi and Reid have now admitted that they were briefed on this as long as 4 years ago. In 1993, former Clinton CIA director confirmed that Clinton had been using ECHELON – a super-secret survailance program – to collect phone calls, private emails, etc, to collect economic intelligence, all this prior to the catalyst of 9/11.”

“If you get your way, and there is another terror attack, as you lay there dying, look over at your wife and childrens as they slowly bleed to death and say “at least I know the government wasn’t listening to the terrorists phone calls or reading their e-mails”.”

“Actually, now that I think about it, you probably DON’T have a wife and kids. At least, I certainly hope you haven’t reproduced.”

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