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A report worth waiting for

Raw Story reports that a bombshell report is going to be released tomorrow that documents how we were taken to war on lies and deception.

House Judiciary Committee Democrats, spearheaded by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), are set to release possibly the sharpest congressional critique to date surrounding Iraq, RAW STORY has learned.

The report, titled “The Constitution in Crisis: The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution and Coverups in the Iraq War,” is slotted to be made available to the public Tuesday. RAW STORY acquired a copy of the book’s cover and some additional information about the document today.

According to Democratic aides, the report will focus on alleged manipulation of pre-war intelligence by the White House, specifically covering such topics as the Downing Street Minutes as well as the White House position on the Geneva Conventions and international law as regards its policies toward prisoners of war. Sources say the report is slated to be published as a book.

Yes, the Downing Street Minutes are the reason the Big Brass Alliance was formed. Over 1049 blogs banded together to get the word out in blogswarms. Conyers has been, at times, the lone elected voice of sanity on this. It’s good to see this mess on the record. Will the press cover it?

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