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Not in the face, Roger. You promised… Posted by Picasa

We warned you David Corn, but you wouldn’t listen. From the CEO of I Pooped Myself Media:

I feel sorry for people like David Corn who have put themselves in such a box that they de facto are rooting for failure in Iraq, no matter how much they deny that. This is the fate of the modern fuddy-duddy liberal who was formerly in the “cool” position and now finds himself allied with most reactionary forces on earth just because he loathes George Bush on stylistics. Yes, that’s what it seems to come down to. What a brutal historical joke.

Man. When you’re called a “brutal historical joke” by Roger L. “Pajamas Media” Simon, that’s got to hurt. A lot.

So David, would you like to be referred to as Simon’s ‘bitch’ or ‘bee-otch’?

Tristram Shandy takes a higher road.

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