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Jeb just had a brain wave

Gov. Jeb Bush said he supports reviewing voting machines. Oh, the irony — the light bulb is just going off? Come the f*ck on. From the Miami Herald:

Gov. Jeb Bush said Friday that the state ought to consider relooking at the way it examines electronic voting machines, following a county election chief’s tests that showed insiders could hack into the computers, change votes and not leave an electronic fingerprint behind.

Bush, saying the subject is ”too important” to ignore, echoed national computer-security and voting experts, and struck a dissimilar chord to acting Secretary of State David Mann, who expressed less urgency Thursday to retest vote machines. Mann said he was ”concerned” only that Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho might have given an outsider access to his vote machines’ computer codes Tuesday.

The Brad Blog‘s all over this.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding