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Winger Bob Barr: Bush committed impeachable acts

Here again, this is absolutely a bizarre conversation where you have a member of Congress saying that it’s okay for the president of the United States to ignore U.S. law, to ignore the Constitution, simply because we are in an undeclared war.”

— former Rep. Bob Barr, on CNN, about Bush’s Constitutional “end run for democracy” — which was being defended by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

[UPDATE: Freeper fun added below.]

Former Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) is no softie; he’s a fire-breathing conservative. He was one of the GOP attack dogs nipping at Bill Clinton’s heels during the Monica mess.

You know things are bad if Barr is on CNN raking Bush over the coals over his Domestic Spying for Security InitiativeTM — it is a beautiful thing. His response to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), who was trying mightily to defend the Dear Leader’s actions. (CNN via Pensito Review):

[ROHRABACHER:] I’m very happy that we have a president that, six months after they slaughtered 3,000 of our citizens, he decided to follow up on a lead that was given to our people by breaking up an al Qaeda cell in Pakistan, and followed through on that to make sure that there wasn’t another imminent attack, and thus probably saving many thousands of American lives. We can be proud of President Bush for protecting us…

BARR: Well, the fact of the matter is that the Constitution is the Constitution, and I took an oath to abide by it. My good friend, my former colleague, Dana Rohrabacher, did and the president did. And I don’t really care very much whether or not it can be justified based on some hypothetical. The fact of the matter is that, if you have any government official who deliberately orders that federal law be violated despite the best of motives, that certainly ought to be of concern to us…

BARR: Well, gee, I guess then the president should be able to ignore whatever provision in the Constitution as long as there’s something after the fact that justifies it.

[ROHRABACHER:] Bob, during wartime, you give some powers to the presidency you wouldn’t give in peace time.

BARR: Do we have a declaration of war, Dana?

Ouch. It goes on.


A Freeper is excited at the thought of an attempt at a Bush impeachment, and posted a vanity piece up in FR. Laugh away at his “essay” and the ensuing comments.

Freeper “Sam Katz,” unedited:

“There is nothing I’d like to see more than a Democrat attempt to impeach GWB for doing his duty to proetct America. The backlash would be incredible. 58-60 Republican Senators in 2006. The true colors of the America haters and Al Quaida sympathizers would be out for all to see. Let the debate go on…

BTW, what about this descpicable headline on and elsewhere, written by AP ” BUSH ADMITS…..,2933,179026,00.html”

To admit is to claim responsibilty for something you’ve done wrong. (from HM Web Def) 5. To recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of: acknowledge, avow, concede, confess, grant, own (up). Slang fess up. Chiefly Regional allow. See affirm/deny/argue, knowledge/ignorance.

Bush is admitting nothing. He is declaring. He is acknowledging.

And while I’m at, please, Mr Bush, appoint a prosecuter to find out which member(s) of Congress, Democrat OR Republican leaked state secrets. They should be doing a “Perp Walk”, rather than Scooter Libby, who’s only crime was cooperating rather than stonewalling….

On to the commentary from his brethren…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Amen Brother. Thank God we have this man as President. Had Gore stolen the election in 2000, we would have had 10 more 911s and we would be sending billions to the Taliban not to hit us again. God Bless George Bush.”

“Uh, Sam Katz. Doesn’t impeachment initiate in the House of Representatives? How’s this going to get through. “

“yes zot, I know impeachment begins in the House…I’m saying that the debate that would ensue would help elect more Reps to the Senate….”

“Impeach the Senate. That way, actual Americans can protect this country.”

“We are at war with more than just the Islamic terrorists. The fifth column of communists in this country is like a pack of sharks. AOL commie news todays leads with “Berlin Wall on the border?” The Bolshevik media may get bit on this one as most people anymore don’t knowing what the Berlin Wall was because the media downplayed communist atrocities all those years.”

“We need to treat the Democrats and the media as we would relatives that will steal from us. Civility but that’s it. Same for the Rino’s. If we let McCain and company continue to lead our party we soon will see Democrats at all levels of government. People will elect bright red over pink every time.”

“Well, there are some jackasses on FR who are planning to campaign for Democrats in 2006 in order to help them win the House so they can impeach President Bush. Heck, two of these same idiots have repeatably made suggestions about President Bush that are worthy of a USSC visit.”

“Reprehensible, isn’t it? The MSM has been pining for a “next Watergate” for 33 years now and they’ve finally realized that the only way they have a chance of seeing one is to manufacture it themselves. Fortunately, they have no chance in this case.”

“I am currently pretty angry at President Bush for once again folding to McCain, though less angry today than yesterday because he came out with guns blazing at the New York Times and the left this morning. But any move to imoeach him by the left will be over my aging dead body.”

“How do we impeach the entire Congress? There must be a way.”

“I’ve overheard impeachment talk in our local coffee shop and I can usually shut it up by agreeing with them. I say,”Yep, lets get rid of W and get Chaney in. That will cinch his Presidency in 2008.”

“I agree, let the Democrats try to impeach him, they don’t have the votes to actually do so, nor do they have the balls to expose how they failed in their duty to the nation. They will drop like flies when it is exposed how little they cared to know prior to the invasion of Iraq and Bush will be vindicated and vleared of any charges the democrats will try to bring.”

“With all the crap coming from the Dems, media and RINO’s right now, what would make you think this would be a good time for this vanity?”

“It’s far from just Communists. It’s the crowd that wants to replace America First with Hate America First.

It’s the college professors and professional welfare recipients who want to replace The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave with Free Handouts of everything and Welfare King Home Boys running everything.

It’s lawyers, all the way from White House residents to the resident rot in every courthouse and law school that beleives that if they can get away with something, it was right in the first place.

It’s the professional Race Baiting Poverty Pimps who have dome more to oppress Black Americans than a million night-riding Klansman ever could. The Klansmen stole their property and in some cases their lives, but the so-called leaders of today’s Black America have stolen the hope of the past two and the ne
xt ten generations.

Who are the greatest racists? The so-called Black leaders to tell Black Americans that they are so inferior that they can’t succeed in America without special help.

Finally the hate-America so-called journalists who will tell any lie, support any falsehood and change any statistic, as long at it boosts their ratings and derides Republicans.

We are all going to hell in a hand-basket… fast.”

“See, that’s the thing! Many do not realize that an impeachment of President Bush would put the VP into office, thus, more of the same. Surprised at how dumb some people are? Don’t be, after all, there are supposedly some 11 million adults in America who can’t even read!”

“I believe that Mr. Kerry ought to be suspended from the Senate”

“He should be taken out and beaten. This horse-faced traitor should get his arse kicked bigtime. I can’t believe my taxes continue to pay this parasite’s salary. Phoney Ph*ck in spades.”

“With 60 GOP senators, we might actually have 50 who have cajones. I’m serious, just given the numbers, we have to have a 20% “padding” to offset RINO/moron/McLamiacs.”

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