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Virginia-based 'pro-family' activist is sure George Allen is down with the homos

“The homosexual activists in Washington, DC, have outed several members of George Allen’s staff as being homosexuals. In fact, they call George Allen’s office the gayest place on Capitol Hill. Now we didn’t say that; the homosexual activists in Washington, DC, did.”

— Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network

Oh lord, this is rich. Apparently the extremist Right is regularly reading and taking its cues from BlogActive, which is kind of disturbing, huh?

This dude is completely convinced that Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia is a homo-loving Trojan horse and Glover and the Family Policy Institute are going to make sure pious followers are well-informed about the threat posed by Allen to famiy-values.

Allen is running for re-election and is well-aware of this reputation for having a gay-friendly office at this point, so he’s “butching up” politically, and coming out against hate crimes legislation that he formerly supported. He’s also known to have presidential ambitions, so he’s working hard to swing to the Right on this issue. Glover’s not buying it. (AgapePress):

A Virginia-based pro-family activist is skeptical about Senator George Allen’s recent announcement that he no longer supports hate crimes legislation that includes “sexual orientation” as a protected status category.

…In 2004 Allen voted in favor of a bill that added sexual orientation to the federal Hate Crimes Act, but recently he said he is reversing his previous position and will not support the measure this time. Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network, says he welcomes the senator’s announcement but has doubts as to whether the Republican lawmaker is sincere in stating his new position on the inclusion of “sexual orientation” in hate crimes legislation — a position stating opposition to what he once openly favored.

…There is no question that “George Allen is not the pro-family, not the pro-life senator people would like to make him out to be,” the Family Policy Network spokesman contends. Much to the contrary, he points out that Allen’s office has been characterized as being “gay friendly,” according to some sources. “But the question remains,” he adds, “whether or not that’s a sincere change of heart — whether it will remain or whether or not George Allen will have other ways of helping the homosexual activists in Washington.”

Oooh…there’s a conspiracy afoot. Where might Glover have gotten this idea? Maybe it was Allen’s cordial meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans in 2000:

“Governor Allen affirmed his commitment to respect the rights and dignity of all Virginians, including gays and lesbians,” said Steve Satran, president of the Log Cabin Republican Club of Northern Virginia.

…During the Monday meeting, Allen also pledged:

* to maintain and increase funding levels for research on AIDS and HIV disease. “As a common-sense Jeffersonian conservative,” said Allen, “I believe that medical research on AIDS, cancer and other serious diseases deserve strong federal support.”
* to hire Senate staff according to their capability and commitment to Allen’s policy views, without regard to race, religion, age, physical disability, gender or sexual orientation. “What matters most to me in hiring personnel are their skills, competence and a shared philosophy of government,” said Allen.
* to keep an open line of communications with Log Cabin and other gay and lesbian organizations in the state, consistent with his long-held “open door” policy for all Virginians.

Oops. I’m sure this will not rest well with Mr. Glover. Or maybe it was just something in the wind — back in August of 2004…

John Reid, Communications Director, Office of Senator George Allen
Paul Unger, Counsel and Legislative Director, Office of Senator George Allen

With all the juggling Senator Allen must do — on one hand having so many gay friends and on the other being so homophobic — I hope you will encourage the Senator to explore a job with less pressure in his post-Senate career. I have a great idea: Open a gay bar!

Plenty of homophobes have owned gay bars, so don’t let that stop him…and after bashing gay people in the Senate, the least he could do is offer them a fun, safe place for his staff to have a drink, no? Often called the “gayest place on Capitol Hill,” your office would be the perfect place to recruit prospective staff for the Senator’s new venture.

…John and Paul, with all the gay men working for you in your Senate office and over at the National Republican Senatorial Committee — remember Jay Timmons? – he was the first recipientof the Roy Cohn Award — you should have no problem in filling the club up every night. And with the number of gay men working for homophobes on the Hill, you’re guaranteed to find a steady stream of clientele turning to alcohol to bury their shame in your boss’ new bar.

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