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Three Million? That’s K Street Chump Change

G.O.P.jpgFrom China Daily:

Lu Wanli, former head of the Communications Department of southwest China’s Guizhou province, was executed Friday in Guiyang for taking huge amounts of bribes, according to the Supreme People’s Court.

The supreme court, which re-examined and approved the execution, holds that Lu had taken more than 25.59 million yuan (US$3.16 million) worth of bribes from June 1998 through January 2002 when he served as the provincial communications chief and general manager of the provincial expressway development company.

In addition, he failed to account for another 26.51 million yuan (US$3.27 million) of property, said the supreme court.

Would Ahnold or Dubya be quite so sanguine about torture and execution if it wasn’t, say, someone swarthy, female or retarded but rather a white male hot tub aficionado with a penchant for five finger discounts from the taxpayer trough?

They might want to rethink their orgasmic enthusiasm for lethal injection before this thing goes global and wipes out the entire Republican party.

(hat tip Granite State Destroyer)

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Jane Hamsher

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