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It’s freaking cold here in NC. It’s 36 degrees, which tells you that the Southerner in me is typing this. I lived in NYC for a long time and got used to it, but after living back down here for many years, I just can’t tolerate minor-league cold any more.

Alabamian wifey Kate and I always joke about “what if we had to move to Canada” if an FMA passed? Arrgh — winter is freaking cold up there.


Just an update on the 2005 Koufax Awards. After only one day, the first comment thread is full and another is almost maxed out.

UPDATE 2: The latest link for nominations is here.

You can post nominations for your favorite Lefty blogs of 2005 here (this one is almost full as well; so I’ll update the post when it changes). Earlier threads, if you want to see blogs that have been nominated by readers are here and here.

Here is the link to the original (now closed post) which has descriptions of the categories.

As I posted yesterday, the way this award system works is that folks nominate a blog by posting a comment over at Wampum, the administrator of the Koufax Awards. The way finalists are selected in the first round is by the number of nominations from folks. So, even if you see a blog nominated that you like there, post a comment as well. [For integrity’s sake, don’t post more than once for that blog in the same category.]

The Blend is already nominated in a few categories, Best Single Issue (this is a weird, catch-all category, isn’t it?), Deserving of Wider Recognition, and even Best Blog (trust me, the Blend won’t make it far in that race, with all the heavy-hitters already nominated — but thanks for the nod!).

I posted my first pass of nominations yesterday, and still need to go back and put up some noms that I forgot about. There are so many good blogs out there!

Have fun!

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