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Gannon on Ron Reagan, Jr.: 'twinkle toes' and 'nancy boy'

OMFG, what a laff riot! Hat tip to PageOneQ for alerting me to an unbelievable “breaking news” item from Jeff Gannon, “A Voice of the New Media.”

Former White House journalist Jeff Gannon posted a blog entry on the cancellation of Ron Reagan Jr.’s television show on MSNBC. In the post, Gannon refers to the TV host and son of the nation’s 40th President as “twinkle toes” and as a “nancy boy.” Gannon also calls Reagan, Jr. a “disgrace” to his namesake father.

Here is the serious takes-one-to-know-one post, completely free of irony from the rentboy-cum-White House reporter:

Jeff in the good old butch Bulldog days. And today.

Nancy’s nancy boy nixed
Ron Reagan, Jr., the embarassment that bears the name of one of the greatest American presidents is out of a job after his daytime talk show was mercifully cancelled last week. MSNBC put Reagan in the host’s chair as the result of his election year masquerade as a “journalist” (btw, Twinkle-toes, what’s YOUR journalism background?) proved to be a “stick in the eye” to those who revere his father.

PageOneQ also notes that Gannon was exposed as a plagiarist by the news site Raw Story.

I guess Jeff just wants you to understand that he’s no Nancy Boy, just a butch ex-Marine for hire (“Ex-USMC Jock: Available for hourly, overnight, weekend or longer travel – OUT ONLY!”). Oh right, that ex-Marine thing was a lie too.

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