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Bush dead last on survey of last ten presidents

A telling juxtaposition. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

At least his spinners can say that there’s room for improvement.

Only nine percent of the 662 people polled picked Bush as their favorite among the last 10 presidents. John F. Kennedy topped that part of the survey, with 26 percent, closely followed by Bill Clinton (25 percent) and Ronald Reagan (23 percent).

Bush was also viewed as the most warlike president (43 percent), the worst for the economy (42 percent) and the least effective (33 percent). But he was rated most highly in response to a question on who would do the right thing even if it were unpopular.

The survey was conducted by the Chicago-based National Qualitative Centers, a marketing research company, as part of research for a forthcoming book on popular preferences, one of its authors, Ken Berwitz, said on Friday.

I’m sure that the news Bush personally authorized secretive eavesdropping more than three dozen times since October 2001 won’t help him move up the list, either. See Russ’s post, If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

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