God wants to see you in His office and
He wants you to bring your playbook

When God fires you, you stay fired Posted by Picasa

According to Peggy Noonan, all Catholics look the same and God’s devine hand tapped the wrong guy on the shoulder and then, instead of telling him “My bad”, He smote him in order to keep up His ‘infallibility’ street cred:

Noonan was not a practicing Catholic during the years of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), and she ignores this pivotal background period in her account of Wojtyla’s election to the papacy. Instead, she offers a spooky narrative of divine intervention that would make even medieval hagiographers blush. Granted, Wojtyla saw the hand of God in his election, and the protection of the Virgin Mary in his near assassination. But Noonan intensifies this sense of divine predestination by resurrecting the hoary visions of St. Malachi, a 12th-century Irish priest who reputedly prophesied every future pope. Based on Malachi’s vague utterances, plus other prophecies and portents, Noonan suggests that God himself willed the early death of John Paul I, after only 33 days in office, to make way for a more suitable successor from Poland. Indeed, the word “miracle” appears frequently throughout her text. “I touch . . . upon the supernatural,” Noonan acknowledges. “It is hard not to when writing about this pope.”

…and so it was that John Paul I lay on his deathbed, and with his last breath he was heard to sigh, “Buyers remorse……”

…and now HR wants their snowglobe back. Posted by Picasa

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