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Weblog and Koufax Awards

It looks like the Blend is the unofficial winner in the Best LGBT Blog category of the 2005 Weblog Awards. Results are not certified until Monday by Wizbang. I’m not breaking out the champagne just yet, so the coffee is still flowing until then. 🙂

Jesus’ General (a winner in the Best Humor/Comics Blog category) has a funny take on all of this, considering how many left-leaning blogs walked away with top honors. His comment on PHB:

It was a bad night for patriots. The French kicked our asses….

Mélange De la Chambre De la Pam beat out some of our finest future Duke Cunninghams and Ken Mehlmans in the Best LGBT Blog (is that a kind of sandwich).

Many thanks, for all of you that showed the love, both in the comments and on your blogs. As promised, here are some links to blogger friends of the Blend. If I have forgotten anyone, shoot me an email and send me your URL and I’ll add it to the list. I’ve been deluged with mail (all positive, thank goodness), so any oversight is simply because of administrative overload, lol.

Special shoutouts to:

, of course.

Birmingham Blues
Blanton’s and Ashton’s
Boys Are Ugly But So Cute
Classic Dykes Online
Daily Mendacity
The Dark Wraith Forums
Good As You
House of Pain
Julien’s List
Lloydletta’s Nooz and Comments
The Mad Professah Lectures
My life …My story… My…essence
Nancy Goldstein
On the Fritz
The Pensito Review
Science And Politics
Shakespeare’s Sister

And, most of all — the regular Blenders — every one of you — thanks for the endorsements in the comments here and at other blogs. Your efforts and presence here clearly made a difference.


The Koufax Awards are open for business

[UPDATE: the first comment thread is full. You can post here – New Koufax Nominations posting area]

Guess what? Nominations are now being accepted for the 2005 Koufax Awards, which honor the best blogs and bloggers of the left. There are so many good blogs nominated and interesting categories each year. [Pam’s House Blend was a Koufax semi-finalist for Best New Blog and Most Deserving of Wider Recognition last year.]

The way this award system works is that folks nominate a blog by posting a comment over at Wampum, the administrator of the Koufax Awards. The way finalists are selected in the first round is by the number of nominations from folks. So, even if you see a blog nominated that you like there, post a comment as well. [For integrity’s sake, don’t post more than once for that blog in the same category.]

Here are the categories:

Best Blog
Best Blog — Pro Division
Best Blog Community
Best Writing
Best Post
Best Series
Best Single Issue Blog
Best Group Blog
Most Humorous Blog
Most Humorous Post
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Best Expert Blog
Best New Blog
Best Coverage of State or Local Issues [new category this year]
Best Commenter

I’m happy to report that bloggrrrl Shakes Sis is already nominated in several categories, so well-deserved.

House Blender Bora (a.k.a Coturnix) of Science and Politics was REALLY prepared. He’s already posted his nominations over at Wampum, so if you need something to jog your memory about some of the best blogs out there, take a look at his list.

The Blend is already nominated at least once in the Best Single Issue and Deserving of Wider Recognition categories so far. I’m not going to self promote in either category this year, since there are so many great choices. I do, however, plan to nominate two of my Blend entries in the Best Post category. I’m sure they won’t make it to the finals, but they are ones that I think are worthy of consideration:

Skin and the Color of Money

Letter from Peter LaBarbera

What do you all think? Gee, the LaBarbera post could almost qualify for Most Humorous Post, but that’s for the voters to decide, lololol.

I will put in a nomination in Best Series category for my series of posts on homophobic black pastors, if only to get more people on the Left to read and think about that nonsense.

So surf on over and have fun looking at all the great blogs nominated for a Koufax! I’ll be tossing my picks in soon (I wasn’t as prepared as Bora, lol).

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