From The Raw Story. How can “the paper of record” engage in Bush boot-licking like THIS:

On the second page of a report which reveals the White House engaged in warantless domestic spying, the New York Times reveals that it held the story for a full year at the request of the Bush Administration.

…The Times also reveals that senior members of Congress from both parties knew about Bush’s decision to spy on Americans who were making international calls or emails, without warrants.

Further, the Times notes that they have omitted information in the article they did write, agreeing with the Bush Administration that the information could be useful for terrorists.

That’s fine. You don’t have to publish names, dates and details — the Times folks know this. The is a story that has to be covered, given the known abuse of privacy rights — the Patriot Act has resulted in the Pentagon monitoring and compiling lists of peace activists and Iraq war protestors (see my earlier post on NBC’s discovery of the secret database). What BS. Real journalism. What other stories are “withheld” by the Times?

…the N.S.A. eavesdropped without warrants on up to 500 people in the United States at any given time. The list changes as some names are added and others dropped, so the number monitored in this country may have reached into the thousands over the past three years, several officials said. Overseas, about 5,000 to 7,000 people suspected of terrorist ties are monitored at one time, according to those officials.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding