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Guess Who’s in DC This Morning?

PatrickFitzgerald.jpgMSNBC reports that Patrick Fitzgerald is back before the Grand Jury this morning. Am trying to track this down from other sources as well, and will update as I get news.

UPDATE: As of 11:20 am ET, MSNBC has not repeated their report. (Neither has CNN that I have seen.) Am still trying to confirm. The clerk’s office at the courthouse will not confirm one way or the other today, so I’m trying to go through other channels. Will update as I get any news. If anyone has a solid link to a wire report, please add it to the comments and I will link (with due credit, of course).

UPDATE #2: Just got off the phone with a staffer at MSNBC. He said that MSNBC is following up on a number of leads this morning (fast news day for them too, go figure! Whew!) Bob Kerr should be doing an update from the WH around noon, but he wasn’t sure if David Shuster or anyone else would be on soon to deal with any Fitz updates. Again, will get you confirmation on this when I get something.

UPDATE #3: Dana Milbank confirms the G/J is meeting this morning during the WaPo’s Politics Hour chat:

Bangor, Maine: Any new news on the Plame affair? When or is the grand jury meeting to determine Karl Rove’s fate?

Dana Milbank: The grand jury is meeting as we chat this very morning. As for where this is heading, I will use by "reporter’s prerogative" to say: I haven’t a clue.

Hat tip to reader John Casper for the tip. Hopefully there will be more soon — am waiting on a call back and some e-mails. (Now back to the Waas article and cleaning up the rest of this morning’s yogurt.)

UPDATE #4: PattyLou heard Fitz was meeting as well, on CNN, via the AP, this morning:

ReddHedd, I have been looking for the link too. What I was repeating in my post was the the CNN story I had just heard, which said, "the AP was reporting that Fitz arrived with 2 assoc. and the FBI investigator to the GJ at 9 am this morning. PattyLou | 12.16.05 – 9:11 am

Still not seeing anything in print other than the Milbank comment in the WaPo chat quoted above, but if we’re hearing it from multiple news outlets, then I’m satisfied I didn’t mis-hear this morning. And I’ll await the next Shuster update on MSNBC, if and when I get one.

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