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Conservatives on GA campus feel intimidated

In this AgapePress brief, one of NC’s own wingnuts spouts off.

A conservative columnist and university professor has revealed that the Georgia Institute of Technology is using an unconstitutional classification system to allocate its mandatory student activity fees. George Tech has a policy that allows funding for all student groups except those that are deemed “political” or “religious.” However, the Pride Alliance — a homosexual activist group that lobbies for same-sex “marriage” — is classified as a “social” group and receives funding. As does the Arab Student Association, which is classified as a “cultural” group, even though it is allowed to protest U.S. policy towards Israel. columnist Mike Adams believes Georgia Tech is violating viewpoint neutrality by denying funding to groups like the College Republicans. “The United States Supreme Court in 2000, in a case known as Southworth v. Wisconsin, determined that that was unconstitutional,” says Adams. “And now that Wayne Clough, the president of the university knows about it, he’s shown what he’s willing to do about it — which is absolutely nothing.” Adams, a professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, says potential plaintiffs are hesitant to file suit against the school for fear of “serious retaliation” by Tech administrators.

Adams, incidentally, in 2004 accused then-recently-elected out lesbian NC State Senator Julia Boseman of engineering her opponent’s homophobic campaigning against her by committing “one of the most disgraceful episodes of political passive aggression in North Carolina history.” What an idiot.

But back to these poor conservatives. If they are so worried about retaliation, why don’t they pool their pennies and fly in superhero “Dean” Flickinger of the Network of College Conservatives to back them up:

So, how can we expect Americans, who have been brainwashed for years by leftwing educators, to embrace conservative philosophies when all they’ve been taught are liberal ideologies?”

— “Dean” Christopher Flickinger, of N.C.C, “Liberal Academia’s Final Exam”

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