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'Christian' family values

A preacher fathers his own grandchildren with his daughter in Polk County, FL. What was that about the gays being deviant — here we have a man of the cloth doing unspeakable acts — what was that about family values? Just asking, since the bible-beaters told me I was at the top of the perv heap.

Shocking news has rocked the congregation at Real People Church of God in Waverly and the surrounding neighborhood. The founder and pastor of the church, 52-year-old Rubin Thankful Thompson Jr., has been charged with five counts of incest for allegedly fathering his own grandchildren with his daughter.

Thompson’s daughter told Lake Wales police about her father fathering her two boys and two girls. “And she confided in him (police officer) and told him that she had been molested by her father since she was the age of 17,” said Lake Wales Police Detective Lynette Townsel.

Townsel says the now 32-year-old victim kept it a secret for 15 years because she was fearful and ashamed, and didn’t think anyone would believe her word over the word of her father.

Thanks to Blender Paul for the pointer.

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Pam Spaulding