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Army signs on mouth-breathers, part 2

Would you want a dumbass sitting next to you in the tank? In a desperate move to meet recruiting goals, the Army’s accepting folks scoring in the dumbass percentile. We’re talking about really low scoresbetween 16-30 out of 99. I blogged about this phenomenon back when October figures came out. It looks like they are going to have to do a little Mensa recruiting to balance out the newly signed-on mouth-breathers. (Baltimore Sun):

The Army met its recruiting goal for November by again accepting a high percentage of recruits who scored in the lowest category on the military’s aptitude tests, Pentagon officials said yesterday, raising renewed concerns that the quality of the all-volunteer force will suffer.

The Army exceeded by 256 its goal of 5,600 recruits for November, while the Army Reserve brought in 1,454 recruits, exceeding its target by 112. To do so, the Army accepted a “double-digit” percentage of recruits who scored between 16 and 30 out of a possible 99 on the military’s aptitude test, said officials who requested anonymity.

Last month, The Sun reported that the Army reached its recruiting goals in October by accepting 12 percent from these low scorers, known as Category IV recruits. The Army may accept no more than 4 percent annually, according to Defense Department rules. While officials last month disclosed the percentage accepted in October, they declined yesterday to reveal the November figure.

When Russ cross-posted my last piece over at Operation Yellow Elephant, one commenter, Aaron, said:

16 to 30 out of a possible 99? Pathetic.

When I was in high school I took the ASVAB and I scored a 99. Yes, a 99. And that test honestly was easy. Let me put it this way: I was a senior in high school with a 2.0 GPA and I scored a 99 on the ASVAB. The test was NOT HARD AT ALL.

To think some of these guys are scoring 16-30 is insane. These people must have brain damage. They must be literal Forrest Gump retards. No wait, scratch that. Forrest Gump probably scored a 67 on the ASVAB. Honestly he could have done it.

So, given that bit of insight, it’s no surprise the Army isn’t revealing November percentages, only allowing that it will all average out somehow for the year. I ask again — where are the Young Yellow Elephant Republicans? It’s time for them to suit up and serve. Shall we ring up “Dean” Flickinger of Conservatives On Campus? No, wait, he’s already told us why he hasn’t served.

I’m not in Iraq because I don’t have to be in Iraq. We have brave men and women who volunteer and dedicate their lives to fighting for our country so those of us back here at home may carry on with our livelihoods in comfort and security. But, make no mistake, Americans who cherish freedom and liberty will not hesitate to defend the values they hold dear.

And more shamelessness, in a column for Human Events.

The loss of 2,000 lives is tragic. In fact, the loss of even one life is heartbreaking. But, to pick some sort of magical “death toll number” as to when America should tuck its tail between its legs and run is down right un-American! They want to know, “How many more?” The answer is: “As many as it takes.” The price of 2,000 lives over a two and a half year period – for the cause of freedom – is small compared to what our forefathers paid.

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