Pre-Friday Random Ten

Don’t we all? (Image courtesy of gttim) 

First a long explanation and a warning:

Since our family has declared war on Christmas the holiday season this year, we’re doing things a bit differently around Rancho Tbogg. The original plan was, in lieu of gift giving and material possesions, we were going to fly to Cabo San Lucas on Christmas day and soak up the sun for a week. Then the lovely and talented Casey was informed that she’ll be playing in a tournament in LA that week, so we moved the trip to leaving this Saturday and coming back on Christmas holiday eve. But then things ‘happened’ at work and I couldn’t leave so now the lovely and talented Casey and the supple and already tan Mrs tbogg are going, leaving me here all week with the boys and my own bad self (cue sad cello music and puppy-dog eyes).

Now, since we will all be here on Christmas holiday morning, Mrs tbogg thought we should have a Chirstmas holiday tree but I didn’t want to get a Christmas holiday tree and go to all the bother of putting the lights and ornaments on it since I almost never go upstairs and the only ones who would probably enjoy it would be housekeeper when she comes and maybe Beckham if there were any low hanging ornaments that he could destroy. So…we compromised. I told Mrs tbogg that I would buy her some more Christmas holiday CD’s and put them on iTunes (we share a music library for our iPods…isn’t that the cutest thing?) so she could take them to Mexico allowing her to lie on the beach and listen to Andy Williams sing It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year while I stay behind and work and come home and walk the dogs and pick up their poop and make fun of people on the internets.

So what I’m saying is: I can’t be responsible for what the hell is going to come up this week. I must have loaded about two hundred songs (she really likes Christmas holiday music). You’ve been warned. Deep breath, here we go:

Compulsion – Mile Davis
This Corrosion – Sisters of Mercy
Lord Can You Hear Me – Spiritualized (Okay. That was a close one)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – American Idol Ensemble (NoNoNoNoNo…oh, crap)
Severance – Dead Can Dance
Sister Jack – Spoon
The Sea – Morcheeba
Communist Moon – The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Pissed Off 2AM – Alejandro Escovedo
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Holiday Time – Martina McBride

Eh. Could have been worse.

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