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Ann Coulter to appear on 'Straight Talk'

“She’s the woman that stole his heart. He’s the former homosexual man. Now married and on a mission… they’re out to set the record straight.”

[UPDATE: Stephen is quoted in USA Today about the homo agenda in “Brokeback” — see below.]

It’s one of those “I’m not sh*tting you” posts so ripe for commentary from you all.

House Blender Jennifer of Intous sent in this tasty tidbit of information, hot from the couple that puts the “hetero” in heterosexual talk radio, Irene and Stephen Bennett.

They’ve managed to book the free-thinking Ann Coulter on the program, and this is how they are pimping her upcoming appearance.

Best selling author, commentator and Conservative fireball Ann Coulter, just named the number one Conservative woman in America is coming to Straight Talk Radio! Ann spoke Wednesday night, Dec. 7th at the University of Connecticut, to a very hostile and volatile crowd. Stephen and Irene will talk with Ann about her speech (which she wasn’t able to finish because of the hecklers) at UConn, her books, her views on several topics and knowing Ann – whatever else she wants to talk about! STR will let you know the air date.


Oh, by the way, Stephen and Irene have weighed in on Brokeback Mountain (even though they haven’t seen it). They just want to make sure that homo-sensitive eyes are aware of the dangers of seeing gay cowboy sex.

Proulx’s short story contains graphic, vulgar and explicit pornographic language of homosexual sex between the two cowboys, which some who saw the movie, say remains faithful to the short story.

While we at STR have not seen the movie, we are very troubled to hear this movie may contain or imply this graphic homosexual sex. Whether it does or not, many who’ve seen the movie are now looking “for more” and reading Proulx’s short story, which explicitly contains ALL the pornographic and graphic homosexual sex one demands.

Stephen manages to score in the Big Leagues, getting quoted in USA Today:

Already a few wagons are circling against the movie. Straight Talk Radio, a daily national radio program hosted by a man who describes himself as a former homosexual and his wife, denounced the movie as “homosexual propaganda.”

I just spoke with a married man on the telephone who is contemplating leaving his wife and children,” says host Stephen Bennett. “He says he’s gay, and Brokeback Mountain has influenced his decision. We can sadly expect to see a lot more men like former governor Jim McGreevey of New Jersey not only resigning from their jobs but from their wives, children and families.”

* BlogActive on Stephen Bennett: “Now, I don’t know if he has sex with men any more or not…but I can tell you he sure looks at the guys. Not one male intern walked by Bennett’s exhibit table [at a Concerned Women for America conference] without being checked out by Mr. Ex-Gay.”

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