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Having spent countless hours following the Plame/Fitzgerald/Rove/Libby/etc saga over at Plame Central, I thought it would be fun to bop around the blogosphere and find out which alternative reality is being used to keep the conservative homefires burning during these chilly December nights. While I’m sure that there are a few bloggers on the other side of the swamp with their pet Plame theories (as blast-faxed to them by Ken Mehlman), I was more than a little amused by this commenter over at Tom Maguire’s place who has obviously been huffing the Kryolan non-stop since Thanksgiving. Enjoy:


many in the beltway are getting tidbits that Wilson himself is going to be the direct target of this newest Grand Jury, with hints that Cooper might face a smaller insignificant charge. If you wern’t such a mouth-breather, maybe you could slow down your hyperventalation and read about some of the evidence that has been presented against each of them and understand that it carries some significant weight right now.

Posted by: NorthWstPHD | December 14, 2005 at 10:09 AM

Yes. “Many in the beltway are getting tidbits…” That has, “Well, I heard that…” bullshit written all over it with indelible marker.

I can’t figure if they’re cuter when they get get caught spouting obvious crapola, or when they just stand there looking stupid and hoping that no one notices them with their pants down around their ankles…

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